The Babydoll collection explores both personal feelings and modern cultural fascinations with "Girlhood" though an extreme use of proportions and unique material treatments.

It is inspired by the extravagant world of child beauty pageants, 1950s doll clothes, and expectations of female sexuality.

The collection's strong emphasis on volume is shown through exaggerated short skirts and a usage of repurposed organic materials alongside new artificial fabrics.

Spools of forgotten lace and vintage crochet blankets work to create an aura of nostalgia while simultaneously projecting a romantic texture of ruffles and soft colors. 

Research and design development for the collection was completed for my MFA in Fashion Design Thesis, and was further inspired by a reflection on the themes of childhood while in quarantined isolation during the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York City throughout 2020.

Untitled_Artwork 3 copy.jpg

Designer: Lucille Reynolds

Graphic Design: Lucille Reynolds


Photographer: Erica MacLean


Stylist: Mario Solares


SA: Meghan Condran


Hair: Sara Viklund


Make-up Artist: Dana Akashi


Models: Claudia Barnard


Roxy Monroe